Capital City Roller Girls was established as Jackson's first roller dreby team in 2007. The team was re-established in 2011 and is now a skater-owned, non-profit organization which endeavors to provide athletic opportunities for women, and promote the well-being of Jackson through charitable donations and community outreach for numreous local and community-oriented non-profits and organization.


We are always looking for new rollergirls!


Besides being a rad time, roller derby is wonderful exercise and an excellent stress reliever! It is also a great social outlet!


FEBRUARY 22 2014
Preseason Kickoff Party
Ole Tavern on George St.
March 15 2014
Jackson, MS
St. Patricks Day Parade
March 29 2014
Capital City Rollergirls VS. Enterprise Boll Weevil Bruisers
April 26 2014
Capital City Rollergirls VS. Mississippi Brawl Stars